Welcome to our home...

A home & 2 cars, powered by the rays of the sun.

Recent Updates:

11/04/12 California Native Trees, November 2012

9/28/12 We've moved to a new place

9/03/12 We're driving electric 100 miles a day

6/23/12 The Power of the Sun

3/24/11 Artwork of Herons' House

2/27/11 BMW Film Series on mobility

2/26/11 Pacific SD Magazine article

Why the Website?

For Three Reasons.

1.   Friends and family will be able to follow the progress of our project within these pages.

2.   We hope that this website can be of some educational value to those who seek to build their own home, and for those who seek to find their own way.

3.  The website will give us,  the homeowners, a cathartic outlet in which to share our emotions, our joys, our pains, so that we may reach the finish line with our sanity.

Images from Herons' House

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